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Custom Packaging FAQ

Can I get help with designs?

If you need help with creating a new design, or setting up your designs for printing, use our contact form. We have a staff of talented designers that can help you not only with jar designs, but any other projects you may have.

Why Buy Custom Containers & Packaging?

Every high-end product comes in quality packaging for a reason: Quality packaging creates greater perceived value. It works for all high-end products and it will work for you. A high quality custom printed jar says you carry high quality medicine and keeps your name in front of your patients every time they use it. While you may already be using containers, our custom printed medical marijuana jars are a significant quality improvement over a simple label that is affixed (sometimes straight, sometimes not) onto other jars.

How are your glass jars better than the competition?

Your Canna Connection all glass medical marijuana containers for 1/8 oz weigh in at a substantial 6+ ounces with a secure gasket lid that assures maximum freshness and potency, even for long-term storage. Your Canna Connection also carries sizes perfect for 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ounce of medicine, and all sizes can be custom printed at a very reasonable price.
Dispensaries that utilize our customized glass jars find that using Your Canna Connection packaging can provide a significant boost in revenue to help support their not-for-profit mandate.

What are the minimum order quantities?

The minumum order quantity (MOQ) for custom printed bags is 10,000 bags.
The MOQ on custom printed jars is 2,000 jars.
The MOQ on custom printed concentrate containers is 3,000 containers.

What are the print sizes for the 1/8 oz glass jar?

The outside diameter of the lid is 2.21" (56mm) with a printable area that is 1.75" in diameter (44mm).
There is a clear "window" in the center of the lid that is 1.15" (29mm) in diameter. Using the full 1.75" printable area of the lid will take you right to the edge of where the radius edge of the lid starts to roll. Use all of it if you want, it's not a problem.
The overall circumference of the jar is 161mm (16.1cm).
Overall height of the jar without the lid is 2.65" (66 mm) and 30.1" (78mm) with the lid.
The "floor" of the jar starts approximately 12mm from the bottom. The "stopper" part of the lid goes into the jar 10mm.
All sizes are to the closest millimeter. Any minor sizing adjustments can be made at the factory, but we suggest that you make your designs as close as possible to what you want.

For more information and pricing, please call us at 844-444-CANNA (22662) or fill out a contact form and we will contact you!